Clear Roof Marquee in Warwickshire

This glorious clear roof marquee was built on a perfectly level site, at a beautiful family home.  Using our premium structure we created a completely clear roof marquee. Ellie Frances Flowers did an amazing job, using beautiful foliage under the clear PVC roof. Our bespoke flower planks were adorned with light pendants which hung over the dining tables.

Having our clear panoramic window walls installed, meant we could easily create air flow through the marquee.  As the ground was beautifully flat, we were therefore able to install matting flooring.  This added to the natural rustic look to the venue.  Though a super modern structure, the premium marquee really lends itself to the rustic theming. This Warwickshire Premium Marquee became an enchanting venue once the sun dipped. The pendants we suspended from flower planks came into their own, creating an ethereal atmosphere. The clear roof allowed for guests to enjoy the beautiful clear night skies.

Festoon lighting adorned the outside space, hoisted into the air on their shepherds crooks.  We used LED floodlights to also illuminate some key features in the grounds of the house.  This meant guests could make the most of a glorious mid-Summer evening.

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A huge thanks to Max Burnett Photography for the wonderful images. Flowers by Ellie Frances Flowers and Event Management by Golden Pineapple