Outdoor Handwash Station

Good Intents has developed the first very portable hands-free outdoor handwash. Go-Cleaner hands-free handwash has been created for organisations that operate outdoors, such as growers of fresh produce, activity centres, schools and constructions sites, that want to protect and promote the safety of their employees and customers.  Go-Cleaner is the outdoor hand washing solution that provides premium results at an affordable prices, because it is no frills and rugged design is ideal for deploying outdoors, cost significantly less to buy than alternatives on the market, uses soap and water (rather than just sanitiser) and hands-free operation – ensuring hands are always super clean and free from germs and dirt.  Whats more, because of it simplicity, its easily adapted to any outdoor environment where hand hygiene is of paramount importance.

Purchase and Rental options:

Purchase – £300 plus VAT

Rental – £45.00 per week plus VAT

Discounts applicable for multiple purchase or extended rental

  • COMPLETE SOLUTION – clean water, soap and paper towels is effective against all viruses according to NHS guidelines
  • AFFORDABLE SOLUTION – to alternatives
  • HANDS-FREE HAND WASHING -reduces the risk of cross contamination
  • PORTABLE – does not require plumbing and electricity and can be set up in seconds
  • VARIED WATER SUPPLY – can connect to any water supply; small container or IBC
  • FOOT PUMP – minimises water useage, on average 250ml per hand wash
  • HIGH VOLUMES – supplied with a 4ml pelican pump which can be fitted to 5litre soap container, allowing over 1000 hand wash
  • ROBUST FRAMES – are portable and can be easily moved around site and in vehicles