Good Intents has been supplying marquees for Schools, Colleges and Universities for many years for their social events, lecture theatres, open days, ceremonies, year end graduations and balls, however as a result of Covid-19 marquees are being supplied for social distancing solutions, such as:

  • temporary classrooms
  • canteens and rest rooms
  • first aid and medical centres
  • sports areas
  • staff rooms

Good Intents will help design the marquee to suit the needs of the school, college or university taking into account the Covid guidelines and adhere to MUTA Health and Safety regulatory requirements at all times.

The marquees can be built with solid floors and non-slip vinyl floor coverings and solid ABS white and glass panelling, depending on the requirements.  As the marquees could be staying up through the winter months they can be supplied with thermostatically controlled heating and doors to ensure the marquees are kept at a constant temperature at all times. In addition lighting and furniture can be supplied in the marquees, all these requirements can be discussed with a member of the Good Intents team 01531 636505.