Luxury Marquee Decor: Flowers, Lanterns and much much more

Marquee hire means a blank canvas, how you choose to decorate your marquee is entirely up to you.




Paper Lanterns 

These come in a huge range of colours and sizes and can either be used with lights in them or simply for their colour.  The first selection of pictures below shows how brown and nude tones during the day can transform once the sun sets.  The other images demonstrate the use of colour, either as part of a scheme or with a number of different colours to create a fun filled atmosphere.


Origami Cranes and Honeycomb Shapes 

A unique colour scheme with a vibrant selection of colours to offset the white crispness of the frame and linings, but which also linked with the client’s beautiful wedding cake.



Always a firm favourite at weddings are flowers, which can be suspended in displays within balls or a flower ring.  Here’s a selection of images from some of our favourites.