Marquee Hire Wiltshire

Marquee Hire Wiltshire

Marquee hire Wiltshire was a unique design for our bride and groom to celebrate their wedding. This marquee’s greatest success was the zoning. And so, distinct areas created a fabulous venue, each with a clear purpose.

Every event and site we look after, is a bespoke creation.  If there is a sizable piece of art or landscaping at your site, don’t immediately think it’s an obstruction to your dream marquee.  Contact us and we will come and visit you, and conduct a full site survey.  We can then see how best the object might be incorporated into the design of the marquee.

The crisp white texture of the existing piece of garden sculpture was emphasized by incorporating a clear gable, clear windows and clear roof at the dining section of the marquee. These key aspects of the design meant the light could flood into the marquee and accentuate the art.



Wiltshire Marquee Hire

A profile light to each table, set along the ridge line, created an exceptionally crisp, bright finish.  This therefore allowed the attention to be fully focused on the tables during the wedding breakfast.  Using our fabulous crossback chairs and lots of foliage on the tables and around the sculpture, the garden was brought into the structure.

As the day progressed there was a distinct shift in atmosphere.  Black linings and black dancefloor created a great setting for the evening part of the celebration.  A cluster of mirror balls above the dancefloor also wowed guests as they partied away.  A living wall bar installation also added to the very unique decoration and design within one of our 15m structures.

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A huge thank you to Nico Wills for the fabulous images.  Flowers were supplied by Rees and Rees.