When is a marquee, not a marquee?…

… when it’s a barn of course!!

An exceptional job from the Good Intents Team, together with Planned For Perfection, saw an old dusty barn transformed into a stunning venue for a family 21st Birthday Party on the outskirts of Cheltenham, with not a clearspan marquee to be seen (well, except for the catering space).

An excellent example of our vision and experience of transforming any space into a wonderful venue, complete with bar, dining space and party tent.  An early site meeting allowed us to fully survey the site and from there create a set of CAD drawings which evolved as we had discussions with the client.  Something we do for all our clients to enable them to see how the space works inside but more importantly on the outside within the site boundaries.

Technical proficiency was paramount as a canopy for the toilets and the bar area were joined to the barn. We utilized all our building skill and lighting expertise on this event, including subframe flooring to level the site, building steps with handrails from the 6m Chinese Hat down into the actual barn, fabricated flower rings, pinspot lighting, slimcans, pealights, Halide lights, spotlights, and festoon lighting.  This was key to create a sumptuous atmosphere in the barn for dining and later, the dancing.  Black starlight ceiling was installed to define the space but the walls were kept undressed, except for garlands of hops and flowers throughout with candle light on the tables

On a beautiful sunny early autumn evening on the outskirts of Cheltenham, guests were greeted with a giant 21 to welcome them to the party, and with cocktails and canapes on the lawns, before being seated in the Barn for their delicious dinner from A2Zest.  Dancing and fireworks completed a fine evening in a fine marquee, of sorts.

A huge thank you to Planned for Perfection and Photoglow, A2Zest for the images